Monday, December 11, 2017

Columbia: Light Up!

As the population in Columbia continues to grow, so too does the traffic. That means that traffic jams are on the rise and need to be controlled. The best way to do that is to add more traffic lights. That's why I have selected a few intersections throughout Columbia that have become more congested over the years and therefore warrant a traffic light. All though many of them are a result of the redevelopment in Town Center and the new trail going between the Hospital and Blandair, there are others as well. The intersections are divided by the Villages. Wilde Lake is the only Village in which no additional traffic lights.

Dorsey's Search
Dorsey Hall Drive/Entrance to Dorsey's Search Village Center 
Harper's Choice
Harper's Farm Road/Rivendell Lane
Route 108/Eliot's Oak Road
Route 108/Cedar Lane
Eliot's Oak Road/Hesperous Drive (South)
Hickory Ridge
Freetown Road/Hickory Ridge Village Center (North)
Cedar Lane/Harriett  Tubman Lane/Robinson Nature Center
Freetown Road/Atholton High/Hawkeye Run
Hickory Ridge Road/Campus Drive
King's Contrivance
Seneca Drive/Shaker Drive
Guilford Road/Blue Sea Drive/Hammond HS
Guilford Road/Old Columbia Road
Oakland Mills Road/Guilford Road/Glen Oaks Lane
Vomerhausen Road/Savage Guilford Road
Long Reach
Dobbin Road/Columbia Crossing II
Snowden River Parkway/April Crook Circle
Route 108/E. Red Branch Road
Tamar Drive/Phelps Luck Drive
Oakland Mills
Steven's Forest Road/Farewell Road/Nightstreet Hill*
Thunderhill Road/Route 108
Stevens Forest Road/White Acre Road
Stevens Forest Road/Camelback Lane/Santiago Road
Thunderhill Road/Twin Knolls Road
Owen Brown
Cradlerock Way/Homespun Drive*
Cradlerock Way/Lasting Light/OBVC
Snowden River Parkway/Rustling Leaf
River Hill
Route 108/Trotter Road
Great Star Drive/Daybreak Circle (North)
Great Star Drive/Route 32 Ramps
Route 108/Linden Linthicum Lane
Route 108/Clarksville Square
Trotter Road/Summer Sunrise Drive
Town Center
In Town Center many streets names will be repeated so some will be appreviated on the map.
LLP/Wincopin Circle
Mall Ring Road/Broken Land Parkway
Mall Ring Road/Twin Rivers Road
Mall Ring Road/Town Center Avenue
Mall Ring Road/Windstream Drive
Mall Ring Road/Sterrett Place
Twin Rivers Road/Broken Land Parkway
Hickory Ridge Road/Symphony Woods Road
Symphony Woods Road/South Entrance Road

*Instead of current or proposed roundabout.

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