Friday, September 14, 2012

It's Been a Tough Week

It's been an atypical week in Columbia, one filled with Robberies, Burglaries, a Home Invasion, and a Mother Pleading Guilty to the death of her Toddler son by way of neglect. When I think about the danger and unrest all of this has caused Columbia even in the areas not effected by these crimes it makes me wonder if Columbia has given itself to a criminal element. Then I realized that for every criminal there are about 15,000 law biding citizens ready and willing to fight for a safe and secure future for Columbia for generations to come. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well I'm going to tell you why we all love Columbia so much in pictures. I will let them do the talking.

Well that's 10,000 words that describe how truly special Columbia is to all of us. Now whether you're for or against plans for Wilde Lake Village Center or Downtown or you think there should be more or less affordable housing units; I think everybody can unite on the issue of crime and take this post as a battle call to come together for the safety of our beloved Community. Now this message is to the criminals who have dominated Columbia's headlines for the past week; If you haven't been caught already you WILL be. We don't stand for crime here and we will not live in fear of you. Columbia will go down in history as a safe City that locks up its criminals and soldiers on better than ever. If you want to commit a crime you've come to the wrong place.