Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Marshalee Pebble Creek Connector

Here's something that has always bugged me; the Senior Town Homes that were built at the end of Deborah Jean Drive in Elkridge. For those of you who don't know Deborah Jean Drive is located in the Rockburn section of Elkridge west of I-95 and was built around the Timbers of Troy Golf Course. I'm not against the Senior Town Homes it's just that one has to drive all the way down Deborah Jean Drive and then down an undeveloped access road to get there. Deborah Jean Drive is a very young family oriented Single Family Homes Community and those Senior Town Homes feel very out of place.

On the other hand, Marshalee Drive has Senior Condos located just off of it and wouldn't you know it? It's directly adjacent to Pebble Creek Drive which is what Deborah Jean Drive becomes when it extends into the Senior Community. Like I've said before the Greater Rockburn Community has been built around the Timbers of Troy Golf Course but there's a swath of land in between Pebble Creek Drive and Marshalee Drive that could be made into a road that connects Pebble Creek Drive to Marshalee Drive without disturbing the delicate eco system that is a Golf Course.

If this new Pebble Creek Connector were to be built the connection to Deborah Jean Drive would be closed and all of the undeveloped land at the end of Deborah Jean Drive, Golden Crest Court, Calvert Drive, and Ruxton Drive would then be developed as Single Family Homes which fits its surroundings much better. And that's it! This post is short and sweet. 


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