Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Long Reach: Out of the Hole and into the Mix

Now I just put forth a bold redevelopment plan for Long Reach Village Center that includes new upscale Merchants. Now, when one looks around at the Village Center I'm sure you're thinking, "this guy's crazy! how can the surrounding demographics support this?" Well, they can't and as I've hinted in the previous post, I was discussing Long Reach as a whole Village and the Village Center was part 1 and the residential is part 2. So without further ado, I give you part 2! That will put Long Reach into the mix.

Redevelopment will completely makeover Tamar Drive and make Long Reach a worthy contender to all of the new development along Route 108 and Route 103. It will start in Jeffers Hill at Tamar Drive and Old Montgomery Road and extend through the Village to Old Dobbin Lane, past Old Dobbin Lane is Kendall Ridge which is much newer than the rest of the Village. New housing will transform the entire Locust Park Neighborhood and a few select developments in Jeffers Hill and Phelps Luck that border Tamar Drive will all be transformed into mixed income Communities hence the name; into the mix.

Now, lets start at the beginning of our redevelopment journey and take a pictoral stroll down Tamar Drive. Actually this development (Jeffers Glen Town Homes) doesn't have Tamar Drive frontage, it's off of Majors Lane but redevelopment is needed. There have been reports of gang activity here and lots of burglary and petty theft. In its place will be garage Town Homes with all the modern conveniences that Jeffers Glen currently lacks. The mix will consist of 90% Market Rate Home Ownership, 5% Market Rate Rentals, and 5% Affordable Home Ownership.

Now on to Treover Condos built in 1973 as Apartments and converted into Condos in the early 1980s, Treover also suffers from low Home Ownership, Car Thefts, Burglarys, Petty Theft, and Vandalism (tire slashing) and the like. Also a big problem with older Condo and Apartment developments (besides more bathrooms and walk in closets) is the insecure entrances to the buildings. Once redeveloped, Treover will have all these things and more! What more you ask? Those who don't live on the bottom floor will have an elevator to take from your doorstep to your car without climbing a single stair. The mix in Treover will be 55% Market Rate Home Ownership, 25% Market Rate Rentals, 15% Affordable, and 5% Affordable Rentals.

Now we're going to cross Route 175 into Locust Park which will land us at Columbia Landing west (formerly Bentana) These are Long Reach's oldest Apartments. Unlike Treover, the entrances to the buildings are more secure but for very good reason. Crime here is much more vioent than in Jeffers Hill. The drug trade has lured its ugly head all across Tamar Drive in Locust Park and Columbia Landing West is no exception. These Apartments aren't exclusively Section 8 but there are lots of residents on Section 8 assistance. When redeveloped instead of just two flag lots off of Tamar Drive there will be three. The third one will be directly across from Phelps Luck drive and a Traffic Signal will be installed. The last flag lot will be even with Sweet Wind Place. Three story Elevator Condos/Apartments will replace the dated and blighted Buildings. The mix will be 45% Market Rate Home Ownership 40% Market Rate Rentals 10% Affordable Home Ownership and 5% Affordable Rentals.

Now we cross Tamar Drive into Phelps Luck, we're on Sweet Wind Place in the Heritage Walk Town Home Development. It faces many of the same struggling developments along Tamar Drive including sprawling parking lots. It will be redeveloped with two car garage Town Homes that will make for a denser Community. Although most of the new Homes will have their garages in front the ones that abut to Tamar Drive and High Tor Hill (currently no homes do) will have garages in the back. The mix here will be 65% Market Rate Home Ownerhsip and 35% Market Rate Rentals.

On the other side of High Tor Hill is Yellow Rose Court. The Town Homes are a little smaller and more run down than those in Heritage Walk. Yellow Rose Court was featured in an article back in 2001 as "Inner Columbia" where Kids walk the streets at all hours of the night and the drug trade was flourishing. Despite being Owner Occupied there are lots of rentals some of which are Section 8. Residents have complained about slum lords in the past. I'm quoting the article these aren't my words. The redeveloped Yellow Rose Court will feature three story two car garage Town Homes. As development approaches the Village Center the Homes both Apartments and Town Homes will gradually be taller and denser. The new development will actually be larger because there ia a plot of land off of Yellow Rose Court that has eluded developers for the past 36 years. Also just off of Tamar Drive on High Tor Hill will be a driveway to allow for Homes to be built along Tamar Drive with their garages in the back. The mix for Yellow Rose Court will be 70% Market Rate Home Ownership and 30% Affordable Home Ownership.

Now we cross Tamar Drive again to the developments of Long Reach Knolls and Sierra Woods West. Long Reach Knolls is a Home Ownership development in a sea of Rentals so there are a lot of spill over problems. Sierra Woods is a Section 8 development. The two developments will be redeveloped as one large development. It will contain four story elevator Apartments/Condos. Spiral Cut Lane will be relocated to be even with the Columbia Landing East Entrance and Flowerstock Row will be even with Hayshed Lane. A study will be conducted to see if it warrants a traffic signal. The new development mix will be 65% Market Rate Home Ownership 30% Market Rate Rentals and 5% Affordable Rentals.

Once again we cross Tamar Drive where Columbia Landing East will be redeveloped as three story two car Town Homes. This will effect both the Tamar Drive Units and the Hayshed Lane Units. Like Yellow Rose Court there will be Homes that have Tamar Drive frontage that have their garages in the back. New Homes will also have Hayshed Lane frontage but their garages will be in the front. The mix here will be 50% Market Rate Home Ownership 5% Market Rate Rentals 40% Affordable Home Ownership and 5% Affordable Rentals.

Now we cross Hayshed Lane into Long Reach Condos. These will be redeveloped as one car garage Town Homes which will cover more ground than their predecessors with Homes covering its entire flag lot including some with Hayshed Lane frontage. These Town Homes will be 100% Market Rate Rentals.

Further down Hayshed Lane closer to Tamar Drive is Heatherstone, there is also a Tamar Drive entrance to Heatherstone. Like Long Reach Knolls there is a lot of spill over problems from adjacent Rental properties. On Tamar Drive the entrance will be relocated to be even with Cloudleap Court, the existing traffic signal will have to be modified. Like the adjacent Long Reach Condos the new Heatherstone development will be one car garage Town Homes only these will be 100% Affordable Home Ownership.

Next we come to Sierra Woods East. If one were to catch a bullet in Long Reach, this would be the place. I've spoken of spill over into other developments in this post, this is where they're spilling over from, I'm not just saying this because it's 100% section 8 I'm saying because it's the awful. There may be an effort to draw in Market Rate Residents because Sierra Woods was renovated earlier this year. To quote our President renovating Sierra Woods is like putting lipstick on a pig. It will be redeveloped as two on two stacked Town Homes. Each Town Homes will be two stories with a one car garage making a "stack" four stories. The mix will be 100% Market Rate Home Ownership, a symbol for the change to come in Long Reach by putting the ony 100% Market Rate Home Ownership development located on one that was 100% Section 8. Part of the redevelopment will include making Airy Brink Lane even with Foreland Garth.

For the last time we cross Tamar Drive into Lazy Hollow Apartments which abuts to the Village Center. Lazy Hollow, for a rental complex in Locust Park is relatively quiet. However, the biggest complaint has been the upkeep of the Apartments and Village Center spill over. Lazy Hollow will be redeveloped as 5 story Condos with below ground parking. This goes along with the mentality that the closer one gets to the Village Center, the taller the Buildings. The mix will be 45% Market Rate Homeownership, 35% Market Rate Rentals, 15% Affordable Home Ownership, and 5% Affordable Rentals.

On Foreland Garth, Longwood Apartments will be redveloped as Senior Apartments with more units which allow qualified Seniors living in Locust Park who will be relocated to live there. The new Longwood Apartments will be 100% Affordable Senior rentals.

Seniors looking for an affordable Villa for purchase can move to the new Shalom Square. Between Longwood Apartments and Shalom Square, I think the Howard County Office on Aging will be very happy that I have made every unit below market rate to allow for affordable Senior Housing.

Now that I've put forth a plan to redevelop Long Reach as a whole as well as the Village Center Long Reach is truly out of the Hole this time it's in the Mix not just the income mix but the mix of surrounding new construction.

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