Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's Back!: Colunbia Exxon

Well they sure had me fooled! Columbia Exxon has reopened under new management. It looked so dead and forlorn. I've seen so many Businesses change hands and they haven't closed a single day let alone months at a time! I don't remember it saying: Reopening soon or anything to that effect either. Well the good new is Columbia Exxon is back and instead of being one of the most expensive Gas Stations in Town it's one of the least!
Now I've wondered if this would signal a reopening of the Sterrett Place Exxon but it hasn't. But then again Columbia Exxon reopened so suddenly that the Sterrett Place Exxon may follow suit. In fact, I remember when I was younger that same Station closing and reopening. I'd say about 15 or 20 years ago? So it's not unheard of having that close and reopen again.
I guess since Exxon's mascot is a tiger which is in the Cat Family and Cats have nine lives Exxon Stations in that capacity do as well! I can honestly say that Columbia Exxon fooled me and fooled me good!

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