Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Meridan Square DEAD Part II:The Reserection

Ok, now that I have blasted any chance of a career working in CA, GGP, and the County Government hows about I take a stab at cleaning up the mess left behind by the now dead Meridian Square?Now lets look at this as a blessing in disguise? Lets get another developer on board who has a broader spectrum than just the site that the old Exxon Station sits on. There's a large parcel of land just waiting to be redeveloped that the old Meridian Square site is a mere fraction of.Other land uses of the site include the Meeting House and the Stevens Forest Professional Center. Thunderhill Road also dead ends just before this site. This site has room for everything. What do I mean by everything? I mean extending Thunderhill Road to meet Stevens Forest, Redeveloping the Meeting House with a Serenity Garden, and redeveloping Stevens Forest Professional Center to look like the new Meridian Square.
The new Meridian Square should be almost the mirror image of its predecessor. The only way it would be modified would be to accommodate the Thunderhill Road extension. In the midst of Meridian Square's death Oakland Mills Village Center did achieve three victories.
First the opening of the Second Chance Saloon which is using a similar concept than that of the Last Chance Saloon, a popular pub that closed after Metro left.
Another is the quick lease of the Old Village Barber Stylist Space after the owners retired. Warrens will provide a more comprehensive experience in family hair and nail care.
Finally, the County will provide the necessary funds for the Robert Oliver Place Streetscape project.
During our economic woes Oakland Mills has fared phenomenally. Remember, Meridian Square was killed because too many entities had their hands dipped into it. Lets resurrect it!

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