Saturday, May 24, 2008

What's to Become of Dorsey Hall Medical Center?

Before 1986 Clarksville Pike and Old Annapolis Road made up Route 108. Clarsville Pike dead ended at Old Annapolis Road a mere feet from the traffic light at Old Annapolis Road and Route 29. Part of the interchange project at Route 29 and 108 was to make Clarksville Pike and Old Annapolis Road come together on a new wider Route 108. This left "stubs" of the former roads and some land. A piece of the land was used to build an Office Building that housed mostly Doctors' Offices with a Pharmacy and a Bank. The Building was dubbed "Dorsey Hall Medical Center. Dorsey Hall Drive was always meant to cater to low rise office development past the Village Center. This was built mostly in the late '80s or early '90s with a little more in 2002. All the Dorsey Hall Drive Office Condos look brand new, well maintained, and well occupied. Dorsey Hall Medical Center, on the other didn't fare so well.It thrived until about 2004/2005. Vacancies began popping up and remained that way. Its location works both for and against it. It's nestled in between Routes 29 and 108, Columbia Road and Dorsey's Search Village Center but it's hard to find. As I mentioned earlier, the 29/108 interchange created roadway "stubs" and Dorsey Hall Medical Center is located at the intersection of two of them.
Dorsey Hall Medical Center is three stories high and as it stands right now the entire second floor is vacant, the Pharmacy and Bank are gone, and almost all of the first floor is vacant. The third seems relatively healthy. Could they just be waiting until their lease is up before moving to a better occupied building? I have a gut instinct that this may be the case. If nothing's done I predict the building will go completely vacant.
Across the parking lot is both a Liquor Store and a Restaurant and Lounge. Across the "Old Route 108" is a new town house development dubbed "Dorsey Crossing. A few old cottages were torn down and a rather large piece of land became available for development. 95 town homes are being built and sold as I type this post.
Now, what does this have to do with Dorsey Hall Medical Center? Well it has me helped craft a vision for the land it sits on. And what's the vision you ask? Well it involves tearing down the Office Building and adjacent Liquor Store and Restaurant and building a small condo complex. Where the Office Building currently stands will be turned into a social green space with a fountain center piece.
The three to four story condo buildings will be built on all four sides of the green space. I think this will complement existing land uses very well. The first floor of one of the condo buildings will have retail and what will the retail be? You guessed it! Allview Liquors and Lee Lynn's Restaurant and Lounge.

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