Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Some Homes Just Need a Little TLC

Not all old Columbia homes need to be completely renovated or torn down and rebuilt. In many cases just a fresh coat of paint, tidier siding, some new shutters, power washed bricks, or just new landscaping will make homes appear much better and updated than one would think.

Homes that fall in this category are owner occupied single family and town homes that are more traditional colonials rather than contemporary. Single Family Homes include West Running Brook, Phelps Luck Drive, and Tamar Drive in Jeffers Hill. Town homes include scattered sites in Swansfield, Longfellow, Cross Fox, Howard Homes in Hickory Ridge, Owen Brown and Kings Contrivance and lower High Tor Hill in Phelps Luck. The biggest problem with town homes is the lack of landscaping attention. Sometimes the home owner's association is in charge and other times it's the home owner them selves. Both parties need to take a more proactive roll in the landscaping of their property.

*pictured single family homes are in running brook and the town homes are in swansfield

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