Tuesday, March 13, 2007

River Hill Pedestrian Plan

Now this one is easy. As Columbia's newest village nothing is older than 15 years.
I have watched this grow from birth to its present form. River Hill like Hickory Ridge, Dorsey Search, and Kings Contrivance is not contigious, meaning there are numerous out parcels of land that really isn't a part of the village or Columbia as a whole. This means that residents don't pay the CA lien that Columbia residents do. These parcels could have before the village built around or it was built at either same time or even afterwords. Needless to say the out parcels don't have the Colmbia amenities like shared mail boxes, pathways, or sidewalks. They also have more freedom to make changes to their homes as they please without appealing to their village board. Now in River Hill there are such parcels that need some of these amenities mainly sidewalks and additional lighting. Trotter Road needs sidewalks as does South Trotter Road, Walter Scott outparcel, Pointers Overlook, and Clarks Glen. Guilford Road needs both sidewalks and additional lighting as does the stretch of route 108 that covers River Hill's northern border.

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